ABOUT HRwrx 2.0 - 2017 Edition Session 1

Welcome to HRPA's HRwrx exam prep for the Comprehensive Knowledge Exam for the Certified Human Resources Professional designation, otherwise known as the CKE1 exam. The prep program has been revised to comply with the new Professional Competency Framework. We call it HRwrx 2.0.


The program is organized into 8 parts:


·         A guide to how to study and prepare for multiple choice based exams

·         A knowledge directory based on the core competencies that explains the knowledge required to perform various aspects of the HR function

·         A pre-diagnostic exam that measures your knowledge for each of the nine core competencies to make it easy for you prioritize where to focus your prep time

·         Detailed reviews of each of the nine core competencies

·         Updated glossaries of HR terms for each of the nine competencies and includes complete glossary

·         Four timed, 3-hour, 150-question exam simulations you can re-take often as you like (each time you do, your previous score will be erased)

·         A discussion forum to share exam prep experiences with other HRwrx 2.0 subscribers

·         Two on-demand webinars, one with top scorers, and one with tips for taking multiple choice exams


Except for the exams—the pre-diagnostic, the timed simulations—and the webcasts, all materials have been packaged as PDFs to make it easy for you to study, whether online or offline.



This exam prep program is not intended as a substitute for actual academic texts and training. It is intended to refresh your knowledge of the core competencies and familiarize you with the multiple choice exam format you will experience. Moreover, it is important to note that all of these materials are copyrighted by HRPA. We are authorizing each purchaser to download and print the study materials for their own non-commercial use, but any unauthorized use of these materials amounts to a violation of the HRPA Code of Conduct and will have serious consequences.


Once you create your profile, click on "Store" to complete your purchase. You will access HRwrx 2.0 training materials through "My Training" icon. You can access the HRwrx 2.0 subscriber community from the "Community" icon. Click on "Frequently Asked Questions" for additional help.



Periodically, we perform routine system maintenance during which time access to the program may be temporarily interrupted. You will find notice of such maintenance posted here.


After March 6, 2017, HRwrx will no longer available. 

Instead, HRPA is launching a new CKE1 exam prep program that completes the series of CKE2, CHRP Law and CHRL Law exam prep programs already available at:


Planned launch date for the new CKE1 exam prep program is March 7, 2016.

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