Welcome to HRwrx™, Canada's premier online National Knowledge Exam (NKE) prep program. What makes HRwrx (pronounced "HR works") so special? It's packed with features:

  • A 150-question pre-diagnostic exam to show where you need the most preparation
  • Four timed, 3-hour, 150-question NKE exam simulations
  • Detailed review of RPCs (Required Professional Capabilities) by function
  • 20-question quizzes at the end of each function review
  • Glossary of over 2,600 HR terms - Now available as a downloadable PDF
  • Online Community (discussion forum)
  • Two live preparatory webinars (Schedules to be published later)

New for Spring 2014!

  • 100 new questions (850 in total)
  • Take practice exams as often as you like without having to reset your permissions
  • No need to finish one study section before starting another
  • Updated Community interface
  • References in RPC review (including PDFs) updated to most recent textbook editions
  • Access to the Community is automatic upon completion of purchase
Registration for the Spring 2014 session will open January 27, 2014.

Registering is easy. Create a profile (even if you've registered before, you will have to create a new profile each time); login and click on the "Store" icon, select the course and complete the transaction, using VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

If you wish to use HRwrx in French, make sure your browser preferences are set to French and the program will default to the French version.

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